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Los Pecos Mutantes is the amalgamation of three creative parts: Arts, Music and Fashion Design. Its founders, Cayetana Soto de Garcillàn (Spanish) and Alexander Tobey (English) opened a studio together in Florence where each of their passions could work in harmony. The concept of their brand was influenced by the modern generations ability to lead a diverse lifestyle, needing fast and comfortable clothes that enabled them to walk into any scenario with confidence and flair. Now they moved to the heart of Madrid into a beautiful new Atelier full of new inspiration where , new friends new personalities and a all new team will take the brand to a next level, and where their designs will tell new stories.

Looking Forward to all of you come and be part of our new adventure…

The literal translation of LosPecosMutantes is “The Mutant Freckles”, This summarizes their unique and particular print designs as no freckle pattern is the same, they are all made in small quantities, just 25 pieces of each model,  allowing its wearer the individuality they deserve. The prints and fabrics are hand selected in Spain only using the very best quality and then shipped and sewn in Florence, Italy, using traditional techniques. The company thrives on the collaboration between these different cultures influencing their ideas continuously. Their inspiration was forged by their love for music and Art condemning their clothes to a rock and roll lifestyle