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Mia & Alex - Los Pecos Mutantes
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LPM born as a dream inside a dream. A pure celebration of art, music and beauty in the rhythmic heart of Florence. It was there that Mia and Alex, the designers and founders of LPM created a new world. A world not for the average but for those with the courage to be themselves, away from the mundane reality of todays society.

Surrendering themselves to their surroundings, immersing themselves in the rich cultures and vibrant lives of those around them, they weave their creative magic and continue to realise their art.

LPM is continually growing, and evolving; the designs informed by all that they have experienced as individuals, and all the adventures they have and will embark upon as a creative partnership.

The world of LPM is a playground without rules, and has no interest in following the paths or trends forged by others. With passion and self belief they create outside of the box for, themselves and those souls that yearn to join them in their creative liberation.

Their notorious prints are a reflection of the busy, thriving world that we live in. The rich colours, and textures in their prints and patterns are symbolic of all the cultures and lives that inspire the brand.

The designs are reminiscent of past decades, where fashion was not just a piece of clothing but a part of a revolution. Where each trend had its own story pertinent to that generation.

LPM believes that their moment has arrived, tired of monochrome, it is time for technicolour. Their proposal: Clothes with personality. A step away from the generic and a leap towards the unique. A chance for individuals to really experiment, challenge and have fun with their personal style. Giving them not only the right, but the inspiration and motivation to be different.

LPM believes in what they do, if you do not, it is not for you