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I have the moleskine open on the table, the black pen rests on the page full of doodles, pausing for the  first lines of the story to write themselves.

 To my right the shutters of the balcony are half closed, just enough to let the light pass without , Madrid’s sweltering heat cripple us.

I rest for a moment, taking the view of the pile of vinyl, which is to my left, scattered on the floor. From here I can read WOODSTOCK stamped on the spine of the cover of one of them. Mia is in front of me, absorbed reading an email, her hair is half tied, it’s hot!!

 The Logical Song starts reverberating on the studio radio “When I was young, it seemed that life was so wonderful, a miracle, oh it was beautiful, magical.” Roger Hodgson’s voice fills the air and seeps into our chores.

 I don’t know why, I get the impression that this song has already been part of the LMP soundtrack before. I can imagine Alex and Mia walking the streets of Paris, at its rythm, looking for pieces of fabric from the markets, feeling the silks and playing with leftovers until reaching a stand in Le Marais where they fall in love some old Liberty paisley.

 I can hear Mia humming it’s melody while sewing the first of the LPM shirts for friends  and acquaintances in their studio in Florence, unique pieces made from these rare fabrics. I also hear a ruckus in the background as Alex and Mia celebrate LMP’s succes, people want more and perhaps for this reason they decide to begin to produce in small artisanal workshops in Tuscany.

 Oh, Tuscany. With those wonderfull landscapes, meandering paths, green fields and lovely villas guarded by spiked cypresses. Among these dreamy meadows is Scandicci, a small town to the south of Florence, where lies the small atelier of Cristina, the high priestess of spagghetti, cigarettes and sewing. With her help Mia and Alex decide to create their small and unique production.

 The Duo begin to start designing their own prints taking inspiration from a trip to the south of Spain. They capture in their drawings details of the Mezquita de Córdoba and the Real Alcázar de Sevilla. They are inspired by the thousands of motifs that adorns the Alhambra de Granada. The tiles, the mosaics, the gardens… Nothing is overlooked. They absorb all the beauty and the color of the places and back in their florentine house they transfer them to their designs littering the walls with sketches and ideas to carry out.

 With the help of Angus, Alex’s brother, they master their designs to perfection and start printing them on  natural fabrics, in their Scandicci workshop, enough to make 25 pieces of each LPM design.

 25 pieces to maintain exclusivity, quality and craftsmanship. 25 pieces made from unique prints and soft, light and fluid fabrics which result in garments with movement, that walks with you and envelops you in the colours and aesthetic of the LPM universe.

 This concept of their brand was influenced by the modern generations ability to lead a diverse lifestyle, needing elegant  clothes that enable them to walk into any scenario with confidence and flair everyday.

“Wear your soul on your skin”  LPM




When I arrived this morning at the Atelier, the sunlight filtered through the large glass windows, and gilded the delicate original pink velvet sofas while in the background were the first notes of Feels Like a Child by Devendra Banhart. This morning, upon entering the atelier, the sculptures seemed to whisper good morning. Sculptures, yes. They are everywhere. Like guitars and paintings, hanging and not hanging, books and clothing. 

 It smells like burnt coffee and on the living room table, wine glasses, obviously remnants of yesterday’s party. The dried flowers in the vase are just another example of the beauty of the chaos that reigns in Calle Conde de Romanones 5. 

 I’ve been several days thinking about this first post, looking for the right way to approach it. Trying to find the best way to introduce Los Pecos Mutantes, and the Fortuny painting hanging on the wall knows it well and is all seeing. 

 Maybe I should talk about Florence, that wonderful city that was witness to the creation of the firsts LPM designs. Florence, with its Renaissance facades and its imperfect pavements. Florence,  with its decadent beauty, invites you to dream and along with the love, music, art and fashion established the basis for LPM’s birth. 

 Florence, that has passed the baton to Madrid. To Madrid, with its frenetic pace and that special light that absorbs you and makes you feel like home. That’s it, because now Madrid is their home, their present, their future. Madrid with its old town, refuge of artists and creators, refuge of Alex and Mia. 

 Mia, to who i hear clattering down the long corridor. Mia, who has a light italian charming accent, very long long legs, and platinum blonde hair.  Alex, who changed the drumsticks for the brushes and the chisel. Alex, who is not just an sculptor and painter  but also designs the combinations of impossible prints. 

 Alex and Mia, Mia and Alex, who created from love and chaos of Los Pecos Mutantes, a parallel universe in which to escape, in which to be oneself, dream and enjoy the beauty of life.  

Is not just a label, LPM is a lifestyle.  Because of that, ladies and gentlemen, stay tuned because this has just begun.